Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Pro-Life? Pheh!

McCainIt is beginning to amaze me how the Christian electorate will support whoever the establishment tells them to. All the establishment candidates need to do is say the pro-life platitudes "Life begins at conception." or other phrases like "Marriage is a union between a man and a woman." and Christians begin cheering for the shill candidate and blindly support them.

Thus has been the case with the Christian electorate's new found enthusiasm for John McCain. What has been John McCain and the Neo-Con's record on this issue? Every year Ron Paul submits his sanctity of life bill to congress and every year it sits rejected. Need we be reminded from 2000 to 2006 the "conservative pro-lifers" controlled both the Congressional and the Executive branches of the federal government? Last I checked 2/3 of government was a majority, they could have over ridden the Supreme court's unconstitutional Roe v Wade position through the legislative and executive branches if they really wanted to. They didn't.

More specifically John McCain never supported Paul's sanctity of life bill, nor did he propose anything akin to that in the Senate. Now Christians are starting to fall in line and convince themselves McCain is pro-life, this is the same guy who spoke of bombing Iran as a joke. The more grievous part is that people think it is funny.

So when I hear these guys pandering to Christians with the same tired promises of "Justices who are pro-life" it falls on deaf ears. They were in positions to act and they have done nothing, these promises of future Justice appointees is like the proverbial carrot in front of the stupid donkey to keep him going where the driver desires.

The donkey never gets the carrot. Nor shall we see Roe v. Wade overturned without a second American revolution.

It's like the Democrats in congress who keep voting for war funding yet position themselves Oh the HORROR! I have 2 choices and can't pick!for the dupes who vote for them as being "anti-war". Ultimately, it is the Left-Right, Democrat vs. Republican false paradigm that needs to be shattered. Both parties are controlled and it's an illusion of actual choice put out to the American people to keep them thinking that they have a say in who rules them. We don't.

With the two party Council on Foreign Relations controlled candidates we really get the worst of both worlds. Republicans claim to be pro-life but just can't remedy the ghastly eugenics (abortion) laws because of the lefties. On the other side the Democrats claim to defend human rights but they just can't seem to stop the executive branch from torturing those goat herders we have in our semi-secret facility in Cuba.

The Epic battle between good and evil continues...It's designed that way. It's not going to get any better. We are psy-opted into the left right paradigm blaming the woes on the opposite party while remaining hopeful for the day when the good guys (our party) will be able to get things done...and finally end the war...stop abortion...stop torture...end warrantless wiretapping...repeal the patriot act...allow drilling...etc...etc...

In case you are wondering in this election we have a choice between Council on Foreign Relations team A and CFR team B. John McCain and Joe Biden are both members of the elitist David Rockefeller run group. Like Dick Cheney, Condelezza Rice, Bill Clinton, George Bush the older, the list can go on... The point is that no matter who wins the CFR gets their boys in.

Again, the false Left v. Right paradigm has captivated the electorate and constantly serves as a justification for the countless and continually growing unsavory practices and legislation coming from Washington. So that whenever some screw job happens to the American people half of them can contentedly say, "It's the Democrats again!"

Or on the flip side when we decide to bomb some other 3rd world country, which we armed a decade ago and installed the dictator, half of the country can say "Those Neo-Cons!"

In reality they are on the same team, corporate America. There is no difference between McCain and Obama, they are both the establishments candidates. Ron Paul describes this rather well in this recent interview:

Well enough wailing from me, this all comes as way of introduction to an article from News With Views by presidential candidate (there are more than 2 you don't have to choose the evil of two lessors) Chuck Baldwin. Baldwin is a real conservative, you know the kind that believe in small federal government, like the Constitution. Baldwin also is a Christian pastor, I highly recommend his article that addresses the new found "conservatism" of John the "Maverick" McCain, and how Christians are really trapped by this Zeitgeist the media keeps feeding us.

Much of what I have said is by way of reiteration and hearty AMEN to the article Dr. Baldwin wrote on McCain's "pro-life" position.

The article can be read by clicking here.

Also, I would point anyone interested to Chuck Baldwin's campaign web page, you can read where he stands on the real issues, (monetary reform, the North American Union, foreign policy, funding of the UN, and many others) the issues the mainstream media doesn't talk about in any depth. His page is here.

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