Saturday, May 01, 2010

Best Romans 13 Series I Have Heard

Douglas Wilson has been going through the book of Romans and has reached the often troubled waters of Romans 13. Generally Romans 13 is invoked by Christians in our political context as a sort of all encompassing command to submit to the State regardless of their behaviour (Unless they pull a Nebuchadnezzar or something like that). Which of course is true, the State must be disobeyed in those circumstances, but is it just in the worship of God that the State has not right to dictate to us?

Wilson does an excellent job of teaching this often misunderstood and abused passage of scripture and applies it to our present context. This is a must listen to as it is late in the game and the Church has been dropping the ball for a good while and there are many areas in thought needing correction to get this right.

The link is here. The sermons are on the left hand side.