Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tyranny: Coming to a State Near You!

This article on Worldnet Daily about a boy who was seized from his parents home in Colorado by a swat team is one of the latest examples of the totalitarianism that is coming here in the West. I'll let the reader go through the article to get the appalling details, my point is simply this: This is where we are going as far as the power of the State and I attribute it mainly to secularism's dominance in the public square.

How might that be? Well, simply put, the secular humanists aren't fond of children learning ideas that are outside of their worldview, they are dangerous. This family and their parenting philosophy of homeschooling Christians was out of step with the secular states' religion, teaching radically harmful ideas like people are made in the image of God and there are moral absolutes etc. Just like we have seen recently in Germany families that refuse to bow to the secular government education many have had their children taken away.

Granted, the main issue in this instance was not education and as of right now families can opt out of the government education programs, but the issue certainly is related. Outlawing homeschooling is the next logical progression for the secularists as is taking place in Europe.

Again though, how can I blame this on secular humanism? Well, as Schaeffer argues in "A Christian Manifesto" (the title is a play on the "Humanist Manifesto") that we once had a government that was under the rule of law, meaning that law was king, the state was under the law. God is the law giver. This gives citizens liberty and restricts the government. However, God has been removed from our understanding of law (and thus lex rex) in favor of a secular humanist framework and Christianity no longer is the intellectual and moral framework of the culture in general (aside from whether individuals really were true believers, Christianity still at one time was the consensus). As this has happened the power of the State has become autonomous and has grown tremendously.

That's the nutshell of the argument, and why we are where we are. We are moving more and more into a police state as our individual freedoms continue to be eroded in the name of various "dire causes" like terrorism, the environment, etc. The time will come within my lifetime I believe when Christian families will not be able to educate their children according to their conscience because the State's elites will see that as potentially harmful.

To wrap up, this isn't supposed to be like one of those sandwich board "The End Is Near!" sort of message from the Charles Manson look alike on the street corner. Firstly, we should praise God for the freedoms we still have, secondly we need to in the current freedoms labor to turn the clock back (I wish Christians would get off the Neo-Con bus and wake up to some one like Ron Paul) and lastly we need to be on our knees before our God at whose word nations rise and fall.