Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stellar Ron Paul Interview

Over on the Gold-Silver web page there is an excellent interview with Ron Paul mostly dealing with economics. In the interview Ron Paul explains a bit of the Federal Reserve system (most people have no clue whatsoever about the FED, this is intentional by the way), defends a gold standard monetary policy as well as consititional liberty. This really is a must see for thinking voters:

The interview can be seen here.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Nothing Short of Criminal

What I am referring to is the manner in which all of the network news outlets have consistently covered Ron Paul in all of the "debates" (More like Q & A sessions than debates). This is how elections are rigged apart from directly throwing away certain votes or adding votes. This is how the phenomena of "frontrunners" are born, the media baptizes the person who fits their allegiance and shuns those who do not.

I can understand that not every goof running for president need be taken seriously, and frankly finances has been a cut off mark. Unfortunately for the elite owned corporate media Ron Paul has such serious supporters he has met the financial cut offs and has stayed in the race. It's his ideas they don't like, the same ones that people who actually are paying attention and not voting based on superficial facades of left and right are in support of.

Ideas like killing the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the CIA, NAFTA, oh and the war we seem to be fighting for no real reason which one was it...the war on drugs, "terror", Iraq...either way Dr. Paul wants it dead. Thus, there are many who frankly want his political career dead. This can be seen in the blatant censorship of Dr. Paul in the debates. A couple of examples:

Firstly, in the Fox News South Carolina debate, Dr. Paul almost wasn't invited by the Neo Cons but after enough outrage of their censoring of Paul in New Hampshire they reluctantly let Paul in. During the debate Dr. Paul was treated very disrespectfully by the moderators, being interrupted laughed at, and one moderator intentionally tried to make Paul look crazy when talking about how the Neo Cons are trying to drum up war with Iran.

What took the cake in this debate was when Dr. Paul was asked (with other moderators laughing) "How electable are you sir?" Ron Paul answered the question so well showing that he really is the only true conservative running that when Fox News aired a non live replay of the debate later this specifice enterchange was edited out of the replay. Fair and Balanced right? No just corporate media covering their tracks of trying to destroy a candidate blowing up in their faces. (The Banned question can be viewed Here thank God for the internet)

Not only did this incident show Faux News’ bias (with the moderators laughing, and the fact that they didn't ask such a disrespectful question to Giuliani who has received less votes than Paul) but also how Ron Paul really is the only real conservative in this race. This election there are only two candidates Ron Paul and everybody else (All CFR members both parties).

The latest incident comes from the CNN debate in CA. In this debate Ron Paul was almost completely ignored, instead CNN baptized McCain and Romney as the "frontrunners" and gave them bulk of the questions and rights to talk. There were a number of times where Anderson Cooper stopped Ron Paul from giving a full answer, in one instance Dr. Paul recieved a full 9 seconds to answer whether he supported Reagan’s choice of Sandra O'Connor to the Supreme court while all the others got about a full minute without interruption. (The Ron Paul Highlights from the CNN debate can be found here) BTW, Ron Paul was the only one who had the gall to say Reagan was wrong in electing such a liberal judge to the court, he blasphemed Reagan.

Frankly, it was disgusting watching the CNN debate. Not only did McCain and Romney stink of more of the same, but when Dr. Paul was thrown a scrap from Cooper it was phrased around what he thought about McCain' position on X. It made me realize just how controlled the mainstream media really is. To put it simply, there are a lot of people with a lot of money and power who happen to own these media outlets and don't want some lose cannon Constitutionalist like Ron Paul getting his ideas out there and waking people up out of their left vs. right mirage. All that stuff is just an illusion to get the people to think they have a choice when really whoever they vote for is a CFR member (council on foreign relations) and in the pocket of the big business'.

This is why the Ron Paul Revolution is truly a revolution. I have never been so inclined to donate my time or money to promote a candidate but Ron Paul has really changed that for me. This election is vital for our freedoms in this country, and I truly believe we are at a crossroads. We can either keep going down the path of more Patriot Acts, erosion of individual rights in the name of "security" or "protecting the environment", more endless and winless wars, more globalization, screw ball economics, Socialialism (soft peddled as "Big Government") in the place of Federalism...and whoever gets in, unless it is Dr. Paul, Democrat of Republican will do just that. Whoever wins will be worse than Bush, you heard it here first folks.