Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Georgia Conflict and Media Spin

If you have been paying attention at all to the news coverage surrounding the current conflict in Georgia you will notice a few things.

Firstly, the news primarily has made the conflict appear to be due to Russian aggression and bloodlust. The coverage has almost entirely focused upon Russia as the main perpetrator of aggression in the conflict. This simply isn't the case as it was Georgia that performed a sneak attack into the Ossetia region (primarily ethnic Russian) trying to reclaim it. Simply put Georgia started it.

Secondly, the odd thing about all of this is the hypocritical talk flowing out of Washington about how the Russians are being bullies and attacking countries seemingly unprovoked. This talk is akin to a murderer scolding a thief and claiming moral high ground.

It almost seems to me as though they are intentionally fomenting hostilities between Russia and the US, with the missile battery in Poland, and all of these former Soviet states now trying to join NATO thumbing their nose and even threatening Russia (like Ukraine).

Also it was the US and Israel that were training Georgia's army prior to Georgia's sneak attack into S Ossetia.

Lastly, to further attest to the intentionality of this provocation is a 2001 Tom Clancey video game that has this exact scenario for it's plot, conflict in former Soviet states, Georgia is named, and the future year of the 2001 game...the year 2008. Here's the 2001 commercial for the game "Ghost Recon":

Kinda creepy huh? Just a lucky guess I suppose...

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