Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Man Who Ran Brett Favre Out of Green Bay

Take a good look at this fellow, he is the primary reason why Brett Favre is now playing for the New York Jets. Yes, yes, I know Brett retired. But we all thought there was a chance he would wan to play as the season approached. Apparently such a thought never occured to the management in Green Bay, and Favre was no longer welcome. Not to dwell too much on sports I just thought I'd throw this out there.
Thanks a lot Mr. Thompson, you really displayed how to treat the single most iconic player the Green Bay Packers ever had by running him out of town in your fit of avarice and thirst for self glory.


natamllc said...

Please please Bobbi-eees, it must be the cheese please!



Haven't you heard, our cows produce favre better cheese? :_)

Bob said...

he he he Good quip Micheal. I don't know about "better" just more.