Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Highly Recommend this Book

I have been a very busy fellow this summer with work and getting ready for the new school so reading time has been relatively thin (As is blogging time). What I have been reading apart from the Samuels in the Bible is A.W. Pink's "The Attributes of God". This book is simply brilliant. It is not only a good theology reader but it has been to me an excellent devotional reading. It has convicted me with each sitting and caused me to stand in awe of the God I worship through exegeting His word. I just want to pass this gem on to anyone looking for a good book to read. I also recommend the audio, you can download the book in audio form at sermon audio from the Still Waters Revival books guys. What I do is read it with the audio going, I get more out of it by both hearing and reading...more focused I suppose.

The audio downloads are here. (Yes it sounds a little cheesy but I have been immensely blessed by the Still Waters book ministry...they help me get through the dense books by Edwards and the other great Puritans!)

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Hi Bob,

Excellent recommendation. I actually bought "The Nature of God" but I even forgot I had it until I saw your post. I sort of put it away after I read somewhere that Pink was a Calvinist. Since Calvinists have such bad rap, I put it away :-). Now that I'm more educated on Reformed Theology, I'm going to read it - at least in parts and bits. I'll definitely download the MP3s.

p.s. He's got like 12 other such books on Foreknowledge, Power, Goodness, and Supremacy and many more. Good stuff.


Bob said...

Yeah, Pink is a pretty staunch Calvinist so don't expect him to beat around that issue at all. It was actually his book "The Sovereignty of God" that the Lord used to seal the deal and caus me to become Reformed in my soteriology and theology. He is an excellent author and thinker.