Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To Go With The Last Post...

This goes with the last post on being "Seeker Sensitive", it's a short video on how to grow your church check it out, from "Old Truth". Click Here

Melissa mentioned the fact that many churches are becoming imitation shopping malls and contemporary consumeristic culture clones. It is sad but true, I mentioned before that at some churches you can get your oil changed during the service, at multiple others are gimick after gimick to fill pews. I watched a service last week online of a church that is giving away an ipod each week of a certin message series, the one I saw they were shooting T-shirts into the audience (like at a football game) one of which had "Your the winner!" on it for the ipod. Pretty shameful. Anyway the video link and MacArthur sum it up well. For a heavy duty analysis check out David Well's "Above All Earthly Powers".


None333333 said...

Saw you on Dani's blog. Pukamonga. Whenever I get one of those glossy brochures advertising 'relevant messages' I throw them in the trash.

I have been to a couple churches like that. The one let you bring refreshments into the auditorium and then a band played. There was NO WORSHIP. I felt 0 spiritually. Another church is better but it's like the 'Christian Mall'.

I now go to an old fashioned holy roller church. It's like 100 proof vs. 3.2 beer.

Bob said...

Yeah what gets me is when I see guys like Joel Osteen preaching a message that sounds like Dr. Phil (no Dr. Phil is a little too convicting) but its a form of pop-psychology not talking about sin or repentance but just trying to make people feel good about themselves. This is just another example of bringing worldly baggage into the church.