Thursday, May 04, 2006

Making Friends Every Day!

In my English composition class we were given the assignment to choose a controversial topic and write 5 successive papers on the issue with the fifth doubling as a presentation. I chose the debate over evolution theory. Now I want to make clear I genuinely am open to accepting evolution as the method which God employed to create life, I just want some evidence. Unfortunately, that sort of stance is not too well received. The main point of my presentation/power point talk was to show that essentially evolution theory is the backbone for the plausibility of an Atheist world view. That being the case there is a lot of bad research that has been done to prop evolution up, to give it credence. I cited a number of past "missing links" for example how Nebraska Man was nothing but a single tooth, a pig's tooth at that, yet was declared the link between man and ape. My point was to show that the philosophical bias' of Atheism have caused men to strive to justify evolution. Because if evolution is true, and life came about purely naturalistically by time+chance then God can justly be ruled out of the picture.

Anyway I have written a bit on that previously see my post "Layin the Smack Down...":
My point right now is to talk about the response I got, for the most part positive, but of course there was a staunch Atheist in the crowd. In the Q&A time he said "There is like a ridiculous amount of evidence is support of evolution, and no evidence for the existence of God." (good question) I replied "Well I would have to ask 'What evidence are you talking about?'" People make that sort of statement all the time especially in Newspaper articles on ID appealing to some massive stock of evidence for evolution yet rarely give any at all. My point is that this is very often an unsupported claim, a phantom argument about some stock pile of evidence. Of course he didn't respond when I asked what evidence he was referring to.

My simple response to his accusation that there is no evidence for the existence of God was to restate a point already raised in my presentation "How can non-mind create mind?" If atheistic evolution is true than we have results that are creator than the causes. Non-rational producing rational, impersonal producing personal, a-moral producing moral. These are genuine problem for atheists, not for a theist.

This same disgruntled Atheist also on the write up he gave me (supposed to give you direction to strengthen your argument) wrote the following:
"All you did was talk about hoax's and rally for god and how much you like him. There is a ridiculous amount of evidence supporting evolution and none for God's existence or the existence of creationism. Why don't you go door to door and try to change peoples beliefs."
Also in the q&a he said as his last question: "The bible is just a fairy tale"

Good stuff huh? The young man was clearly upset after my presentation, and if what I had to say was really just stupid bantering why would he be so upset? I think Mr. Atheism's reaction only validates my point that evolution is necessary for his world view to exist, he saw his religion under fire and had to defend it. He genuinely couldn't point me to any evidence for evolution when I asked him to although he claims there to be a ridiculous amount out there.

As far as the last accusation labeled "The bible is just a fairy tale." I hear that a lot today from skeptics. The main problem I have with it is that they have come to that conclusion not by studying the bible how it was formed, and its claims, rather they come to that conclusion out of ignorance and an a-priori dogmatic commitment to atheism. It really is sad almost all the atheists I dialogue with have this self image that they are the intellectual pinnacle of humanity, and frankly can be pretty snobbish. Yet, when they start trying to refute Christianity they don't have a clue what they are talking about and have to rely on straw man arguments because they never really took the time to honestly examine the Christian world view before writing it off.

And quite honestly I don't know what seems more fantastic (fairy tale) view (A) which says: Billions of years ago POP! Here's the universe out of nothing, and giant rocks began rotating around this ball of energy that came out of nowhere called the sun. One of those rocks happened to be just the right distance from that ball of energy to sustain life, after millions of years of volcanic eruption (where ever lava came from) it began to rain (Wherever water came from) on the rocks after another indefinable set of millions of years pools formed and slime formed on the pools (how this happened is also left out) and the first bacteria were brought to life. After millions of more years you got life as we now know it.

Or (B) "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." An omniscient and omnipotent eternally existent being designed the universe for His glory.

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