Friday, June 01, 2012

Bloomberg, Soda Pop, Raw Milk and Romans 13

Only in New York would government officials create such Nanny state laws such as forbidding restaurants from using table salt, trans fats, and now movie theaters and others from selling soda cups exceeding the size of 16 ounces. Or is it only in New York? Is the mayor Bloomberg and his invasive regulatory shenanigans all that different from other laws in this country, such as seat-belt "click it or ticket" laws?

One issue that is near and dear to my own heart, or palate is my love of raw cows milk. There is nothing more wholesome than a nice thick glass of milk the way God made it to go with a good meal. Yet, because of the Bloombergs of the world raw milk is illegal to sell in nearly every State in the land of the free. People are able to get around it through udder shares and other gimicks to purchase the raw milk from a farm.  Many farms and stores have been raided in the dead of night protecting our fair land from the scourge of Raw Cows milk, and in a clear war on drugs style fashion the milk is confiscated as contraband.

Anyone with even just one freedom loving bone in their body will see this as insane, swat teams, raiding dairy farmers, seriously? It seems to out Stalin, well, Stalin.

As Christians the issue of obedience to the state often comes up surrounding these sorts of issues. I have actually heard it expressed by some that if the government has banned a substance (as long as it isn't the Bible or Jack Chick tracts) it is our duty to obey. What's more, these same Christians will argue it is a sin to partake in banned substance due to the ban and Romans 13's call to obedience. So apparently if the tyrant Bloomberg has his way, it will be a sin to imbibe a soda that is labelled 16 oz but, wink, wink, nudge nudge it is really a 20 oz!

This mindset is frustrating to no end, it in effect makes the state god over everything but this little corner where we go Church and have Bible studies etc. Christ is Lord of all of life, not just some upperstory escape to heaven, as Kuyper put it there is not a square inch in this world that the risen Christ does not look upon and declare, "Mine!"

We forget that, and we divide up the kingdom of Christ and give the world to blighters like Bloomberg. Bloomberg has no right to call raw cows milk evil and ban it, God called it "good" (Gen 1:24-25). The Christian is free then to cheerfully drink a tall glass of raw cow's milk with a clear conscience, however obtained, whether it be a man with a trench coat in an alley or a friend who, "knows a guy". Likewise with the soda, or outlawed booze in the 1920's. Christians do not need to call Caesar lord, not over milk, not over soda, or salt or any other food.

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