Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video Link on Pelagianism

Joel Osteen, Modern Pelagian torch bearerWell I haven't gone and hid in a cave, I have been intending to blog for some time but have wanted to get my thoughts together on some things. I currently am working on a post that will deal with the need for reformation in the American church. One of the chief issues I plan to address is what I have called "Neo-Pelagianism". The teachings of Pelagius are inveterate throughout church history and seem in my eyes to be on a serious upswing. This takes many different forms which I will address in in the coming posts. At anyrate I found an excellent White Horse Inn show dealing with Pelagianism on youtube, it is well worth a watch, the video can be viewed: HERE


Anonymous said...

I guess Joel is a semi?

Good White Horse Inn broadcast!

Well, you are well worth the wait.


Bo Salisbury said...

I would class Joel Osteen in the full-on pelagian column, along with Charles Finney.