Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wow...This is The Best Sermon I have Heard in a Long Time

It is rare that you find men of God who preach with such blood earnestness in this fuzzy feel good I'm ok your ok and don't you dare rebuke me evangelicalism. The blood earnestness of Edwards who was eventually fired from his pastorate for fighting for the holiness of those under his care, unfortunately there were some who didn't appreciate his efforts. If Edwards were to preach today I think he would sound a LOT like Paul Washer. What Washer says in this message is so reminiscent of Edwards and his earnest calls to holiness and warnings of false conversion. This is an absolute must to listen to.

Here is the link

ps: Thanks to Michael for the link


Matt said...

For those interested I have a podcast with high quality MP3's of Paul's messages, as well as other faithful preachers, called “Uncommonly Powerful Preaching”. The website address is:

If you use iTunes you can subscribe to this podcast here:

Dani said...

Thanks Bob - I'll listen to this tomorrow.

Dani said...

I was just looking at the website and ironically, I alsready heard this message on YouTube! It was very powerful and worth listening to again.

Anonymous said...

a good sermon that he did is called "particular redemption and missions" you can find it at , and search for paul washer