Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Filled with the Spirit

I Think this video really speaks for itself of the weightlessness of God in the American church today. The truths of scripture are treated as a joke.


Tim said...

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your reply comment on my site!

It is difficult to find a church, and quite honestly, I'm no longer sure how much more searching I'll do for one church to settle down in. What I do hope for still, however, is to find more believers to be in community and live out our faiths with each other. Right now, we are meeting with a very small house church-like thing in a barn. That will be ending soon with the host couple moving out of the area, but I'm hoping that we can find other people interested in continuing this.

When you mentioned, PCA, are you referring to the Presbyterian Church of America, or a specific church whose initials are PCA? We did go to a PCA church for about 6 months, but was not quite satisfied in some of their decisions and stances. It's not a major requirement for me, but I do believe in the equality of women within the church, along with the husband as the head of the family, but that's a whole other discussion for maybe another day.

I watch this video and actually found it very humorous. While I agree that the person is making light of some things, I am also sure that there is a context in which this was intended that would make the message behind the video more complete. It seems to me that this was for a specific conference, a Purpose-Driven worship conference to be exact, and they may have been trying to take a light-hearted approach to the controversy of worshipleader/style/song/author idolatry/following versus what worship is obviously intended for. But that's just an observational guess.

Your site is interesting, and I intend to read more stuff as I get a chance. Keep fighting for your love of Christ!


Bob said...

Hey Tim,
Yeah the video was definatly trying to be funny and I did chuckle at saome parts...but my beef is that things like God's revelation of Himself to Moses through the burning bush (this is like one of the highest revelations of God to man) are treated as something to be joked about...and make a goofy dance up. Speaking of the walls of Jericho (God bringing judgement on the immoral Canaanites and giving Israel the promised land) is reduced to booty shaking. No weight.

I am all for joking and even do so myself even making puns with the word...so my main hang up is the context, a worship conference.

Grey Owl said...

I honestly couldn't make it all the way through the video. I just can't stand rap, even sarcastic rap.

I was curious about one thing Bob - why do you have a link to Slice? Because to be honest, I've observed you being alot more gracious and discerning than most I've noticed who get their Christian news from them. What do you see in them? NOt a criticism, just a question.

Bob said...

Grey Owl,
hey thanks for stoppin by, I don't think the rapper was trying to be sarcastic, he really was serious (This really was for the Purpose Driven Worship Conference) although much of his lyrics were in a joking fashion.

As for the Slice link, I like what they put up because it kind of gives me a wake up call to how cavilier the gospel is being treated and what nonesense passes as "Christian" these days. Although one can definatly become kind of jaded like your descriv=bing. (I honestly haven't looked over there in weeks). But if someone is emergent I would NOT recomend going there...its kind of like getting hit over the head with a club saying "Your view is WRONG!"

Although it may be true it probably isn't the best way to treat the matter...wo all that to say I like slice but viewer discretion advised.

Tim said...

I actually saw this as completely sarcastic and satirical. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would actually say the video supports your disappointment in taking lightly the wondrous acts of God. In fact, I thought the video highlighted much of what is wrong with the American church and the worship movement. Now, I say that as a strong supporter of good and biblically sound contemporary worship.

Look at what the highlights through his words and actions:

Honda cars, eating steak dinners, bathing in a plush jacuzzi tub, shopping on eBay, quoting Rick Warren, and hanging with Michael W. Smith, and as you pointed out, writing "worship" songs with obvious words and phrases out of their intended context.

All icons of the ideal American Christian and the Christian lifestyle. And worshiping with the latest trend, style, dance, etc, and minimizing God within all of the above.

My hope is that this video prompted discussion of worship leaders to stop doing such things, like promoting the American dream, and start worship the God who calls us to Him and to share the gospel in love and peace, and such things like caring for the poor instead of hoarding for ourselves.

If I'm totally wrong in my interpretation and hope, then while it is funny, it is certainly misguided, misplaced, and mistaken of God and his awesomeness in both power and love.

Devin Believer said...

dude... WHAT A SHAME, perhaps i'll write a battle rap, and instead of saying rick warren is my boss, i'll refer to Yeshua as my boss

i mean... that is our boss... right?