Saturday, June 10, 2006

Being a Culturally Relevant/Urban Christian

Tim Keller has a pretty interesting article in Christianity Today, on what it really means to be relevant culturally and the need for authentic urban ministry. Pretty good stuff check it here.



None333333 said...

Interesting article. I think Christians either try to retreat from society or assume the 'Christian Right' will solve their problems.

Thanks for participating on Dani's blog. I am not as theological as you are and I have noticed that the same challenges are being issued over and over - maybe you can help answer them:

1) Old Testament laws don't count. Otherwise eating shellfish and wearing linen and wool together are a sin. Thus you are being hypocritical in denouncing certain sins (usually homosexuality) and not following ALL the laws.

2) The Bible has been mistranslated and contains all sorts of errors yadayadayada so how do you know it's true?

3) Fringe fanatics site the same scriptures you do so what makes them wrong and you right.

4) It's wrong to judge anyone for anything - the bible says so. Besides, God is a God of love and wouldn't discriminate against one of his children.


Bob said...

I actually planned to post on these very issues, but have been a little scattered as to what angle to approach them...thanks for making it easy and giving me a format. :)